Top 9 tips to care and maintenance of your freshly sealed asphalt driveway

Top 9 tips to care and maintenance of your freshly sealed asphalt driveway

Top 9 tips to care and maintenance of your freshly sealed asphalt driveway

Asphalt isn’t typically recommended in countries that are hot. However you will find that many Australian driveways are made out of asphalt and if looked after correctly can last for years. The problem with asphalt is that in heat it can soften, making it much more susceptible to damage. This of course of over time ends in you having to pay for it to be repaired or replaced. Unless you look after your asphalt properly and realise that it will need more maintenance than you think.

Always allow the sealant to dry

It might be very tempting to park your car straight on your newly sealed asphalt, but you shouldn’t. If you don’t allow the sealant enough time to dry then it can actually cause a lot of damage. Asphalt is typically quite soft when sealant it applied and adding any weight to it can put dents and lumps into your driveway.

Stick a plank of wood under it

If you decided to sit out on your driveway, then make sure you put a plank of wood under your chair. The same can be said if you need to use a car jack. This is because again asphalt is known for its softness and you don’t want to dint your driveways if you can help it.

Give your driveways a hosing

In the summer months you will find your asphalt is nearly too soft to even walk on, without leaving in prints. If this is the case then a quick fix would be to hose down the driveways in question. Obviously use cold water to do it. This will help to harder the asphalt for a period of time.

Give your driveways a bath

I know that sounds a little silly, but dirt can actually dry up your asphalt making it brittle and more likely to be damaged. So occasionally you might want to think about taking a hose to it. If you notice that your asphalt is starting to turn a light grey colour then it might already be too late, if this is the case then you need to start thinking about resealing your driveways.


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Get a cover for your driveway

If you really want to take care of your asphalt then you might want to think about covering it. This will help significantly during hot months. It will also help to stop the general weathering that asphalt can fall victim to. It might seem pricy after you have just paid more money to have it sealed, but it could end up saving you money in the long run.

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Prevent spills

Asphalt isn’t really known for its durability and there are reasons for that. You really want to avoid spilling anything onto your driveways as they could damage the asphalt. The main four things you want to keep away from your driveways at all costs are, oil, gasoline, antifreeze and transmission fluid.

Repair as it tears

If your asphalt looks like it might need a sealant top up then don’t ignore it. The problem is not going to sort itself out and you don’t want to have to pay more than you should have to. Little problems not can cause big problems later so it’s always better to prevent them from happening.

Don’t dry heavy when it’s feeling soft

If it has been a really hot day and you can see that your asphalt is going soft then don’t ignore this either, park on the street rather than on your driveways. If you really have to park on your soft asphalt then expect to see car indents the next day.

Reseal every four to five years

Don’t think that your asphalt will be fine just because it has been sealed now. The sealant will need topping up every four to five years if you want to make sure your driveways last.

Things You Need To Know About Concrete Driveways in Melbourne

Things You Need To Know About Concrete Driveways in Melbourne

Driveways Australia is looking fabulous but at times, you need to think about a tune-up. Driveways are some of the most used areas of a property and usually they are the first thing in need of replacing. However, fixing a driveway can be pretty tough which is why most people look at laying a whole new driveway and one of the popular option is concrete. Concrete is such a simple tool to use but here are a few things you might want to know about concrete before you choose it.


Driveway design can be very, very expensive at the best of times simply down to the materials used and the cost for labor. However, concrete is actually one of the cheapest materials around and that is truthful! Concrete is used very often and now-a-days it really doesn’t cost a great deal of money meaning that it has become one of the very best driveway materials available. You can also visit this link for more information. If you want to re-design a driveway, concrete is the way to go. You don’t have to pay out a great deal and there is always a bargain to be had.

Adds More Value To a Property

Concrete can benefit almost every household and even though it doesn’t appear to be the most high-valued building material but it is one of the best. Firstly, you aren’t just going to get a nice finish you are also going to be able to increase your property’s worth. It’s true; you can add thousands to the asking price of a home simply because of a nice concrete driveway. If you need to know more you can also visit this site here. However, it is really all down to how long-lasting concrete is and how durable it can be also. This is giving thousands of home owners the chance to increase the value slightly and of course, get a new driveway design!

Looks Good

No one wants to have a driveway spoil their property and even though it doesn’t always seem to be an important area of the home, it is! The driveway is one of the first things seen when a visitor arrives at the home and if its old or in poor condition, people will remember it. However, concrete is really going to allow you to get a beautiful new driveway. Driveways Australia can look so much better when concrete is used and let’s be honest; it’s probably the easiest material to use also.

What Will Work Best For You?

You are spending serious cash re-designing your driveways and you really should be getting the best results. It’s important to focus on what your home needs and wants. For example, will asphalt be a suitable solution for your driveway or is concrete better because it’s cheaper? Its these small things you have to worry about when it comes to choosing a new driveway design. Asphalt may look nice but if it’s not cost effective or long-lasting, it’s a waste.

Get the Best

When you are thinking about adding a new driveway to your property, you need to carefully plan how the finished driveway will look as well as what material will be used. In all honesty, concrete is probably going to be more suited to most homes since it’s cheap and easy to use and offers a very nice finish. Get the best driveways Australia today.

Custom Asphalt Melbourne

Custom Asphalt Melbourne

Everyone wants to have a beautiful home dream and your dream comes true by involving Driveways Australia. It is a best company that is having plenty of ideas to make your home beautiful and attractive.

Some people want to have a beautiful decorated home but they don’t have enough money for them so it is a good chance for them to take help of driveways Australia as they have very affordable cost material and designs to make a stunning home.

Asphalt would be the best choice;

When you are going to decorate your drive way asphalt material would be the best for this. Asphalt material is reliable as well as suitable for heavy traffic too. Driveway design is of many types and it is up to you which you will choose. Asphalt is the mixture of stones and sand to make a smooth surface and also it has designing material in it that is having so many color combinations. Driveway Company in Melbourne is offering a long list of asphalt material according to your path and property place.

Custom Asphalt Melbourne

The ways to apply asphalt;

If you don’t know how to apply asphalt material on your driveway then it is not so difficult now. Internet is a service that is available for the ease of people and there are so many sites with the name of Driveways Australia that are working for the awareness of people about decorating their driveways. You can get information about other material also and the advantages of asphalt material. By clicking on your computer you can find so many ways to have a reliable path for drive.

Positive aspect of asphalt;

Many of the marble materials are seems to be good and attractive but when you apply them after sometime it will show its result in a bad way. Asphalt is made up of qualitative material that doesn’t change its real shape in freeze temperature or due to hot temperature. Also the salt will not be able to leave any effect on its surface.

Helps in renovation;

Sometimes people feel that their property needs some change or they have to dig the driveway to add any new pipeline or any other thing then don’t feel hesitate to do so because driveway design that is made up of asphalt can easily be manage your pipeline and come back to its original shape after the work.

In order to make your driveway cost in your afford then take some smart steps to manage all. First of all you will have to measure the space of your driveway then search on the internet or go directly to the store and ask them to give you asphalt for your path. It can make a layer at your driveway path that is smooth and comfortable to travel or to walk. There will be no water stop problem on this layer and water can easily be run from it.

At the time when you decide to construct a beautiful driveway and your desire is that the driveway cost will be in your range then asphalt is the best choice.