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Top 5 asphalt installation contractors in Melbourne

Top 5 asphalt installation contractors in Melbourne

One of the biggest problems that people in counter when thinking about having drivewaysinstalled is who should do it? You hear all these horror stories of people who got cowboy builders, who took their money but never, did the work or did the work to a poor standard, that the very idea of getting home improvement work can be scary. However there are some good contractors out there, who are willing to put the work in, you just need to know where to find them! You can get services in Melbourne get information :


ALL ASH is a company based in Melbourne, who specializes in working with asphalt. You don’t even have to take their word for it, as they have numerous photos of their finished work available on their website. Their website address is, if you want to find out more. They have a free home quote service, so you get a quote that should be spot on the driveway cost. They can do residential or commercial work. If you want to get in touch with them you can through their website, email, phone number or you can stop by the address they provide, to find out more.

Total Care Asphalting

Total Care Asphalting is another company that are based in Melbourne. This company however offer a same day quote, with next day work. This makes them the fastest, if they stand by their claims. They also state that they never take short cuts. Again they do both commercial and residential work. If you want to find out more about them then they do have a website Their website provides all the contact details you might need in order to get in touch. They also have many pictures of finished asphalt work they have done.

Top 5 asphalt installation contractors in Melbourne

Mike Rowley Constructions

Mike Rowley Constructions are another high contender when it comes to Australian driveways made out of asphalt, offering a promise that no other contractor can seem to, which is always staying within budget, so you don’t end up with any nasty surprises down the line. They also have a website that offers pictures of completed work, Again you can find all the relevant information for getting in touch on their website, although they don’t seem to have an email, they only provide a phone number and fax number.

Carrs Asphalt

Carrs Asphalt is another great contractor who specializes in driveways. Not only do they have pictures of work they have finished, but they also keep a list of pretty big names they have worked for in the past. This makes them a sure fire bet for your asphalt needs. There web address is and they offer an address, phone number and email address for you to contact them on, should you want to. They also offer a free quote for any work that you might want doing.

Super Drives

Super Drives are not actually based in Melbourne but do cover the area, when it comes to driveways and asphalt. They also do not have a website, although if you find them on in the yellow pages online, then you can still see pictures of work they have completed. They don’t limit themselves to commercial and residential either as they also work on industrial sites. If you want to get in touch with them about a quote for your driveway cost, then they do have a phone number and an email address for you to do so.

How soon should a driveway be sealed after installation

Top 5 asphalt installation contractors in Melbourne

A common problem with Australian driveways is that people choose asphalt because it is cheaper, but do not know how to properly maintain it afterwards. Meaning that in the long run asphalt can cost far more than the original quote predicted. However if you spend a little time learning how to properly maintain your driveways then you can avoid all the added costs from unnecessary damage.

How soon is too soon?

So naturally once you have had your asphalt driveways installed, you will be wondering when you can finalize the whole thing by coating it in sealant. One day, maybe two, you are probably thinking. Well it may surprise you to know that it can actually take your driveways eight months to properly dry, to the point of being able to have sealant on them.

If you put the sealant on the asphalt too soon, then it will never properly harden. This means that every time you use your driveways you could potentially be causing it damage. Asphalt can have a tendency to go soft in heat anyway, so putting sealant on too soon will really seal its fate.

How do you know your asphalt is ready?

Obviously saying you need to wait around eight months is only helpful to a degree, so you need to know what to look out for, the tell-tale signs that your asphalt driveways are ready to be sealed. So what are the tell-tale signs? Well to start off you need to know that asphalt is petroleum based and because of this, it has a lot of elasticity to it. However over time it loses moisture and becomes brittle, turning a light grey colour. This is when you need to add the sealant, when the asphalt is turning from a deep black to a light grey.

Can you do it yourself?

There is a selection of different sealants you can use on your asphalt driveways, which are all do it yourself. They range in price but start from around $199, which is cheaper than having someone come do it for you. If you want to save even more money, you could buy the sealant in bulk; most distributors offer a bulk buy discount. Your asphalt will need resealing every four to five years after it is initially done, so planning in advance could save you some cash.

How to Calculate Cost of Asphalting a Driveway


A moment of warning

If you are considering sealing your own asphalt then you need to pay careful attention to the sealants instructions. There are some sealants out there that are completely safe to use, however there are some others that are not. A lot of the sealants can actually be corrosive and you need to keep them away from your skin and clothing. They can also have toxic fumes that you want to prevent from inhaling if you can.

It may also be very tempting to add a thick layer of sealant to your asphalt however this isn’t recommended. You actually want to apply two thin layers, the second one after the first one dries. This will ensure that you have the best coverage possible for your asphalt driveways.

Top 9 tips to care and maintenance of your freshly sealed asphalt driveway

Top 9 tips to care and maintenance of your freshly sealed asphalt driveway

Asphalt isn’t typically recommended in countries that are hot. However you will find that many Australian driveways are made out of asphalt and if looked after correctly can last for years. The problem with asphalt is that in heat it can soften, making it much more susceptible to damage. This of course of over time ends in you having to pay for it to be repaired or replaced. Unless you look after your asphalt properly and realise that it will need more maintenance than you think.

Always allow the sealant to dry

It might be very tempting to park your car straight on your newly sealed asphalt, but you shouldn’t. If you don’t allow the sealant enough time to dry then it can actually cause a lot of damage. Asphalt is typically quite soft when sealant it applied and adding any weight to it can put dents and lumps into your driveway.

Stick a plank of wood under it

If you decided to sit out on your driveway, then make sure you put a plank of wood under your chair. The same can be said if you need to use a car jack. This is because again asphalt is known for its softness and you don’t want to dint your driveways if you can help it.

Give your driveways a hosing

In the summer months you will find your asphalt is nearly too soft to even walk on, without leaving in prints. If this is the case then a quick fix would be to hose down the driveways in question. Obviously use cold water to do it. This will help to harder the asphalt for a period of time.

Give your driveways a bath

I know that sounds a little silly, but dirt can actually dry up your asphalt making it brittle and more likely to be damaged. So occasionally you might want to think about taking a hose to it. If you notice that your asphalt is starting to turn a light grey colour then it might already be too late, if this is the case then you need to start thinking about resealing your driveways.


Top 5 asphalt installation contractors in Melbourne

Get a cover for your driveway

If you really want to take care of your asphalt then you might want to think about covering it. This will help significantly during hot months. It will also help to stop the general weathering that asphalt can fall victim to. It might seem pricy after you have just paid more money to have it sealed, but it could end up saving you money in the long run.

Here you can get more information and services regarding asphalt driveways :

Prevent spills

Asphalt isn’t really known for its durability and there are reasons for that. You really want to avoid spilling anything onto your driveways as they could damage the asphalt. The main four things you want to keep away from your driveways at all costs are, oil, gasoline, antifreeze and transmission fluid.

Repair as it tears

If your asphalt looks like it might need a sealant top up then don’t ignore it. The problem is not going to sort itself out and you don’t want to have to pay more than you should have to. Little problems not can cause big problems later so it’s always better to prevent them from happening.

Don’t dry heavy when it’s feeling soft

If it has been a really hot day and you can see that your asphalt is going soft then don’t ignore this either, park on the street rather than on your driveways. If you really have to park on your soft asphalt then expect to see car indents the next day.

Reseal every four to five years

Don’t think that your asphalt will be fine just because it has been sealed now. The sealant will need topping up every four to five years if you want to make sure your driveways last.